SkyHawk Telematics provides solutions to enhance the safety & optimize communication for your workforce. We can help organizations to track, rescue, or connect with, people in remote locations globally. We provide the following tools to ensure the highest standards for health and safety:

  • Internet/WiFi

SkyHawk solutions enable enhanced in-field worker experience, and optimize in-field operations and communication abilities by integrating in-vehicle Internet/WiFi connectivity.

  • Lone Worker Device

The Lone Worker device allows workers to comunicate to Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to notify them if they have any issues. The device will sense if a worker is not moving, and allow the worker to respond before notifying EMS. The device connects via our telematics modem, using cellular coverage. SkyHawk also offers a satellite option, using the SPOT device, allowing users to communicate outside of cellular coverage.

  • Driver ID

SkyHawk offers the integration of Driver Identification through the use of FOB keys or through login and passwords.

  • Elog / Hours of Service (HOS)

SkyHawk provides an electronic logging system for drivers to record their time on duty. We also provide Hours of Service (HOS), which will notify organizations when a driver reached the maximum hours permitted in a day, while also simplifying the process for drivers to record and keep track of their hours.

  • Navigation

SkyHawk is partnered with ALK Technologies to provide reliable, turn-by-turn in-cab GPS navigation, with live mapping, route selection, route planning, photonav, as well as the followings options:

    • Speed Notifications (both in-vehicle notifications and management alerts via email/SMS)
    • Custom Points of Interest (POI) tailed to your business
    • Dispatch
  • Voice

SkyHawk provides satellite communication solutions, such as satellite phones that will function in remote areas, allowing workers to communicate virtually anywhere!

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