SkyHawk Telematics provides expertise in Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications, remote sensor monitoring and hardware integration of wired and wireless sensors as well as data collection systems.

Our solutions utilize industry leading hardware modems which communicate over the most advanced commercial satellite and cellular networks in the world. Sensor and data collection systems are interfaced to selected hardware modems via industry standard wired and wireless communication protocols.

Application Sectors:

  • Fleet / Vehicles
  • High Valued Assets
  • Explosive Magazine Monitoring
  • Facility and Container Security
  • Environmental
  • Wildlife

Examples of Sensor Integration:

Plow position, PTO, ECM, boom sensors, outriggers, road temperature, emergency lights, spreader control systems, door & contact sensors, motion & movement sensors, animal trap sensors, wildlife collars, water and air contamination, hydrocarbon detection, etc.

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